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Hulsey Law Group

The firm specializes in complex litigation and its litigation activities focus upon class actions involving healthcare fraud, the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and consumer fraud. The firm handles a wide variety of commercial litigation, represents individuals injured by defective products and medical devices, brings claims involving environmental damages and pollution as well as injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos. The firm does not represent individuals claiming injury from medical negligence.

Principals Paul H. Hulsey and Cherie K. Dibbell Durand have over 70 years of actual courtroom jury trial experience and have obtained multimillion dollar verdicts throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and negotiated the settlement of in excess of $500 million in pre-trial settlements, including $2.2 billion for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in tobacco litigation. The firm has considerable experience in litigation involving injuries caused by exposure to asbestos with special emphasis on handling cases for individuals suffering from malignant mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused only by asbestos. Paul H. Hulsey has successfully settled hundreds of cases for people suffering from malignant mesothelioma and has obtained multimillion dollar verdicts for mesothelioma victims throughout the United States. The firm’s asbestos litigation is limited to the representation of persons suffering from mesothelioma.

Hulsey Law Group maintains an interest in international law with special emphasis on advising and representing individuals, business interests and governmental entities throughout Latin America. The firm focuses upon matters involving injuries, contract and property damages, product liability, business losses, trade issues, environmental concerns and toxic torts arising from activities of U.S.-based companies or individuals acting outside the United States.

Hulsey and Durand are fluent in Spanish.

Hulsey Law Group lawyers have provided consultation in areas of insurance, product liability, toxic and environmental issues to the Federal District of Mexico,

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Governments of Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, and Ecuador as well as the State of Mexico. Present client information is available upon approved request.

The decades of actual trial experience possessed by the firm’s principals places Hulsey Law Group in a unique position to assist the client in the presentation, negotiation and settlement of claims before suit is ever filed. Our firm is experienced in the preparation of arbitration, mediation and pre-suit arbitrations using state of the art computer graphics, damages models, and computer generated accident reconstruction presented by trial proven client advocates. Hulsey Law Group principal Paul H. Hulsey believes, “Sometimes the best litigation is no litigation at all” and has used his philosophy to successfully resolve well in excess of $500 million in claims before trial, particularly in the context of settlement class actions and consolidations.

Hulsey Law Group limits the number of cases selected for handling and is dedicated to handling each case for each client, as if it were the only case in the office.